Pearlers' Games - Cygnet Bay Masters Cup Registration Form 2020
This registration form is for 4 x Person Teams Registering in the 'Pearler Masters Cup', consisting of 3-4 Pearling Industry Skill and Strength Team Challenges.

The Pearler Games 2020 will be held on Dampier Terrace from 2.30pm - 6.00pm, Saturday 9th May as a main event of the Annual 'Chinatown Discovery Festival 2020'

Each Team has a 'Captain', who is the person filling out the Registration Form and Receiving all communication regarding the Pearlers' Games and Player Info.

The email address below is the email to which the confirmation of registration, Player Info Pack and secondary copy of all communications will be sent. (if it is different to the email listed under 'Captain Details')
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This is you, the person registering everyone, paying the fee and communicating info to the team (if all emails not provided)
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Sweet, Now that's out of the way....... Your team mates info...
The most amount of info possible is best. Changes can be made to participant by emailing
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Thanks for your registration and we'll be in touch!!
The Annual Chinatown Pearlers' Games 2020 is proudly presented by...
In conjunction with The Chinatown Revitalisation Project and..
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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