North Carolina Law Enforcement Safety and Drug Policy Summit
*When: June 12th, 2012
*What Time is the Event: Registration starts at 8am, the event begins at 9am and will go through 1pm. A lunch will be served to registered guests after the summit.
*Where: North Carolina Legislative Auditorium, 16 Jones Street, Raleigh, NC
*Who Should Attend: Law Enforcement, Legislators, Legislative Support Staff, Public Health Officials, Harm Reductionists, Drug Policy Reformers and the Substance Abuse Community
*What Will be Covered: Law Enforcement Needlestick Reduction, Law Enforcement Safety around Drug Users and Preventing Drug Overdose Deaths and Drug Policy
*Who Will be Presenting: Law Enforcement Safety Experts, Drug Policy Experts and Republican and Democratic Legislators
*Event Contact: Robert Childs, MPH (336) 543-8050,
*Legislators Speaking at the Event: Dan Ingle, Leo Daughtry, Ed Jones, Diane Parfitt, Glenn Bradley, and Alma Adams
*Non-Partisan Groups Presenting: Department of Health and Human Services, North Carolina Harm Reduction Coalition, Project Lazarus, and the 2nd Chances Coalition
*Policy Groups Presenting:John Locke Foundation, Drug Policy Alliance, NC Justice Center
*Law Enforcement Speakers: Ronald Martin, Jen Earls, Leigh Maddox, and many more!
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