Police Services Survey
The City of Watkinsville wants your input!

Providing for the public's safety is the most important function of local government. Public safety covers a wide range of activities from Police, Fire and Emergency Management services to transportation and infrastructure (e.g.: traffic management, sidewalks, etc.).

As a citizen of the City of Watkinsville, you have the opportunity to create the type of police services that you need and want. Please take a few minutes to provide your input by completing the survey.

PLEASE NOTE: This survey is only for City of Watkinsville citizens and/or business owners.

*Survey deadline: end of day January 18, 2019*

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Police Services
1a. Is there value to you in having:
1b. Why or Why Not?
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2. Select the top 3 categories where you see the most need for police services in the City of Watkinsville.
3. What police services would you like to see that are not currently being provided?
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4. How important is it to you to know Police Officers by name or by sight?
Not important
Very important
5. How would you like to see police officers providing services in the City of Watkinsville? Check all that apply.
6. How important should cost/budget be in determining the level of police services in the City?
7. If you were Mayor and City Council, what changes would you make to improve public safety in Watkinsville?
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The following section is OPTIONAL. The information below will help us to not only better understand the responses to this survey, but also identify issues that may be specific to a particular demographic in our community. Responses will remain anonymous and never be reported individually.
1. How long have you lived in or owned a business in the City of Watkinsville?
2. On what street do you live or own a business?
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3. Which best describes the building in which you live or work?
4. Do you own or rent your residence and/or business location?
5. Your gender
6. Which of the age groups below best describes you?
7. Are you Spanish, Hispanic or Latino?
8. What is your race? (Please mark the race or races for which you identify).
9. What is your employment status?
10. Do you work inside the boundaries of the City of Watkinsville?
11. How many times over the past two years have you interacted with the City of Watkinsville’s Police Department?
The survey results will be shared with the Public Safety Advisory Committee as they meet over the next few months to discuss the type of police services that are needed and valued by the citizens of Watkinsville. A summary of the survey results will be posted in late January on www.facebook.com/cityofwatkinsville and on www.cityofwatkinsville.com.

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