Spartan Summer Field Travel Team Tryout 2021
Please submit one form per child.

Spartan has been approached by area Lacrosse Programs for exhibition games and Tournament play and we know Stage 2 is coming the beginning of July which will allow for game play for the first time since 2019.  

Ages 8-11
Sunday 10-11 am
Thursday 6-7pm.

Ages 12-14
Sunday 11-noon
Thursday 7-8 pm

All tryouts attended are $28.25 per which includes the tax.

To answer many of your questions, you are invited to attend as many tryouts as you can. Once the team is picked, we will collectively discus days and times for practices and exhibition games that work.

The cost will be $28.25 a session which includes tax, exhibition games and Tournaments will priced out accordingly as they happen.

Join us as we prepare for Lacrosse competition against area academies with the culmination being the Coywolf Tournament August 15 & 16 at The Hill Academy.

Limited spots, please register online.

Location: Woodside Park

For questions please contact Coach Leo: or call (647) 654-4042.

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