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A Series of Practical Workshops in Medico-Legal Practice by SAMLA / UCT Law@Work
Important Information
Registrations open on Wednesday 1st April 2020.

All participants must be a SAMLA member in good standing.

Once we have received your completed registration forms, we will forward you an invoice. The invoice will contain the bank details and a payment reference number which you must use when effecting payment.

Certificates and CPD letters will be issued in the name of the participant as supplied on the application form.

Practitioners registered with HPCSA will earn CPD points for each workshop completed. CPD letters indicating the awarded points will be issued by UCT. (SAMLA has no influence on the number of CPD points awarded by the HPCSA).

In addition SAMLA will issue medico-legal CPD points for all registered medico-legal practitioners. (applicable to the SAMLA register of Medico-Legal Practitioners)

Participants who successfully complete the Foundations Course and all Workshops 1-10 (whether live or online, irrespective of the order) will earn a Certificate of Competence in Medico-legal Practice.

Successful completion of all 10 workshops will have the following two important benefits:
o CPD Points both HPCSA & SAMLA Medico-Legal CPD
o Eligibility of higher levels of registration for SAMLA Register of Medico-Legal Practitioners
Details to be determined by the SAMLA Board

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Terms & Conditions
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Only EFT payments or bank deposits will be accepted.

Once we have issued a participant number to a participant, cancellations cannot be refunded. (Participant numbers are assigned once registration is completed.)

By submitting this registration form I become liable for all fees payable for the workshops I have registered for.

By submitting your registration for the SAMLA Workshops, you expressly give SAMLA, Azlyn Creative and UCT Law@Work permission to use your information for the purpose for which it is intended.

This includes but is not limited to sharing your contact information with the above organisations and other participants as required by the syndicates in which you will be required to complete course work and others as required from time to time. You will receive email from the SAMLA Faculty and be added onto the Forum for the Workshops and syndicates.

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