FIRST Lego League Volunteers 2019
Regional Qualifying Events
- Monday 25 November at Wongan Hills Civic Centre, Wongan Hills
- Wednesday 27 November at Gooseberry Hill Primary School, Gooseberry Hill
- Saturday 30 November at St Stephen's School, Carramar
- Sunday 1 December at Armadale Senior High School, Armadale
- Saturday 7 December at Hampton Senior High School, Morley
- Sunday 8 December at Comet Bay College, Comet Bay

National District Final - Perth
- 14 December at Curtin University, Bentley

Volunteers would be needed for a full day, 8am to 5pm.
Just to clarify, you are completing this form because you want to volunteer for the FIRST Lego League (FLL) Competitions (one or more) in November this year. Correct? *
If you don't really know what this whole FLL thing is about, you can quickly find out some more information here.
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We will have some training sessions prior to the competition dates in late October, as well as information you can read yourself prior to the training. The training sessions are compulsory to attend. Date/s are not yet confirmed but we will keep you informed.

Note: If you are considering coaching a team in the future, then being a volunteer is a fantastic way of gaining insight into the way FLL works.
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