2019 MCEE Food Booth Application
Thank you for supporting MCEE. Please complete this form to register for a food booth at our Mid Autumn Festival.

Cost: $200, covers the cost of setting up the event, and liability insurance.

What is provided: double car-width space, a table and two chairs.

- You may sell a variety of food for the festival, EXCEPT for drinks, as MCEE and its partners will be selling that to our attendees.
- You should have the appropriate food permit(s) from Santa Clara County to sell the food in an outdoor environment.

- We do not have the facilities to do any cooking, unless you want to do outdoor barbequing. You will need to supply all of the equipment in order for you to cook. Again, you will need the appropriate food permits.
- We will ensure that the type of food that you are selling is relatively unique, and you will set the prices for your food. You just pay the initial, one time cost for the space.

- Canopies, as we do not have enough for all the participants.

For further questions: email us: info@mceefoundation.org
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Description of goods/food - Please describe what you will be offering at the festival (please be complete as possible so we can ensure relatively uniqueness among our food booths) *
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By submitting this application, you agree that you have read the restrictions, and answered the questions truthfully. We will contact you within 24hrs of the application to acknowledge our acceptance or get clarifications as necessary.

Thank you for your support and understanding,
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