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Barrio Del Sol is a new camp formed of friends made at nowhere in previous years. We've had a couple of spaces open up, so are looking for a few new people to join our family and the exciting first year of building a Barrio from the ground up.

We love to party but we also like to explore and self cultivate. We are hoping to bring a space to the playa that welcomes everyone and hosts a variety parties and workshops. We're also a small camp of maximum 16 people, meaning as a group we all look to work closely together and share the workload equally.

As it's the first year the camp contribution is higher to bear the initial cost of setup (£350 per person). We've agreed it's worth saving up to spend more in the first year to make sure we buy quality stuff that will last for future years. With that in mind, we are working towards a more accessible £150 camp contribution for following years.

The contribution allows us to setup:
- A container fitted out as a clean cooking space.
- Shade structure for camping and dancefloor
- Water for drinking cleaning and cooking Inc a pump shower.
- A small but decent sound system
- Cost of power and lights (plus donated dancefloor lights)
- All food (prepared veggie and vegan)
- A small bar and some booze
- Return van logistics from UK for all the camp stuff, including your tent and extras

There's obviously more to find out but get in touch if you're interested - we'd love to hear from you!

Big love x

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