Recycled Sculpture Contest
Using locally sourced recycled materials, create a sculpture around the theme "Up-cycling Our Future". Our goal is to promote sustainable habits and to reduce the amount of recyclable materials that end up in our landfills.

Ages: 4th grade and up
Theme: "Up-cycling Our Future"
Use Recyclable Materials: use locally sourced recycled materials
Deadlines: Register your sculpture by filing out the online from by April 17th
Bring Sculpture to Caldwell Park between 9:30am-10:00am on April 18th
Voting/Judging: Judges will vote on winners based on criteria for each age category. Event attendees can vote using a "voting ticket" they receive when entering the event. Those votes will be tallied to award the People's Choice Award. Judging will begin at 1:15pm.

Categories and Prizes:
4th-6th Grade: $30, $20, $10 prizes
7th-8th Grade: $30, $20, $10 prizes
9th-12th Grade: $30, $20, $10 prizes
Adult: $30, $20, $10 prizes
People's Choice Award: $50
Local Businesses: Certificate Awards
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