Local Three Guest Survey 2019
Thanks for clicking through. At Local Three, we are always looking to improve and to that, we need and really appreciate your feedback. In return for your valuable time and a completed survey, answer these 10 simple questions and we will send you a $10 gift card electronically to your email address within 10 business days. Thanks in advance for your consideration and assistance.
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1) How often do you dine out? *
2) How often do you dine at Local Three Kitchen & Bar? *
3) Which of the following describes how you think of Local Three. Select all that apply: *
4a) Thinking about your last visit to Local Three, rate how satisfied you were with your visit with 1 being not satisfied and 10 being completely satisfied. *
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4b) If you felt UNSATISFIED on your visit with Local Three, please check all responses that attributed to your dissatisfaction. If you felt satisfied, please skip.
5) What words or phrases describe Local Three? Select all that apply. *
6) If you could change anything about Local Three, what would it be? *
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7) What do you enjoy MOST about Local Three? *
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8) Which of the following restaurants do you frequent, if at all, and would that be more or less or about the same as Local Three? Select all that apply. *
9) Which of the following services are you aware of as offerings from Local Three? Select all that apply. *
10) What would entice you to frequent Local Three more often? *
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