Balkan SAYS 2019 Application Form
Balkan SAYS – Security Architecture Youth Seminar is youth oriented international security seminar. Its mission is to connect students and young professionals, to discuss important security topics with distinguished speakers and search for fresh views and new solutions to the most pressing issues of the Balkan region.

The 7th annual Balkan SAYS seminar is looking for aspiring students and young professionals who are eager to gain new knowledge and experience on important security challenges of the Balkan region.

Deadline for application is: 11.8.2019

The participation fee is 60 EUR.

Any applications received after the above deadline will not be considered and will be automatically rejected.

Please note that some questions in the application form may take more time for completion. Among others applicants are asked to provide a draft paper (800 - 1600 characters long) on one of the seminar topics. Form may be re-accessed and edited until the deadline.

For questions regarding this application form or the Balkan SAYS seminar, contact us at:
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