2017 Gallery Hop
All submissions will be reviewed by a member of VIVO Music Festival. You will hear back from a member of VIVO Music Festival on which gallery will be matched to host your ensemble!

For any questions, please reach out to Ted Ou-Yang, Executive Director, at Ted@VIVOFestival.Org.

We thank you for your interest to perform for Columbus on such an exciting night during Gallery Hop and we look forward to an awesome festival season 3!

Ensemble Name
If you do not have an ensemble name, please fill it your affiliating organization/school/teacher.
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Ensemble Background
Please briefly describe the ensemble's background, include any affiliate schools/organizations/teachers, approximate age group.
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First Name (main contact person)
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Last Name (main contact person)
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Email Address
Your email address will not be shared for any marketing usage except for communication for the Gallery Hop Project.
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Cellphone number
Your cellphone number will only be used for communication for the Music Hop Project between Short North Alliance and hosting galleries
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Number of instruments performing in ensemble
If you are unsure, please give your best guess. Please list instruments and number of players of each.
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Sample repertoire
Please list the composers and pieces you are interested in performing.
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Desired performance start time
Estimated performance length
Potential needs from hosting gallery
Please list all potential needs from the gallery to provide. Note that all ensembles and players are required to bring their own instruments, music, music stands, music stand lights if needed, and folding chairs. Galleries are not required to provide anything other than space and permission for live music performance. All potential needs will be considered and asked of the galleries to provide if they are able to.
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Any other questions?
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