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The Democracy Initiative Education Fund is leading key environmental, social justice, civil rights, and labor partners in a national Vote by Mail (VBM) campaign to demand an equitable access to the ballot in the midst of the COVID pandemic. DIEF partner organizations serve constituencies that include Black, Brown, LGBTQ+, working-class, disabled, and other marginalized communities. We are committed to organizing to protect and expand access to voting for all Americans. Vote by Mail Captains will play a key role in this campaign. Captains will work closely with DI partner organizations in key states to support Vote By Mail and equitable election infrastructure in addition to organizing and mobilizing to support this historic effort to defend our democracy.

Sign up to help organize local advocacy for state VBM policies and expand the use of VBM by encouraging others to vote by mail this election. This training will turn you into a champion of VBM by sharing knowledge about VBM rules and practices that you can bring to members of your communities.

What does becoming a Vote by Mail Champion entail?

1. Vote by Mail Captains commit to voting by mail in the 2020 Election and helping organize online Zoom happy hours to sign up others in their community to receive their ballot by mail.

2. Vote by Mail Captains commit to helping organize online trainings in their local community to educate others on the use of the vote by mail process.

3. Vote by Mail Captains commit to advancing advocacy opportunities to expand vote by mail policies, such as policies that ensure every voter receives an application for requesting a mail ballot and those that request additional secure ballot box drop off locations in their local community for voters to turn in their ballot.

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