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The Supportive Housing Community Land Alliance (CLA) is a new collaborative organization that uses the community land trust model to create affordable supportive housing opportunities for people living with extremely low income and serious mental illness (SMI).

We are inviting people living with SMI and their family members to join us for a series of focus groups. Participants will help us envision the housing, supportive services and membership components of the CLA. To thank you for sharing your feedback and life experiences, we are offering compensation of $75 for each focus group participant. Each focus group is scheduled for 90-minutes, via Zoom or by phone.

If you are an Alameda County resident (or family member of a resident) living with a serious mental health issue, have had income below 30% AMI in the last 5 years (see chart below), and are interested in being considered for a focus group, please fill out this survey. Some questions in this form are asked to ensure inclusion and to accurately reflect the population of Alameda County.

If you are chosen for the focus group your feedback will be considered as we develop the organization, its housing and supportive services. While all applicants will be considered, selection is not guaranteed.

PLEASE BE SURE TO INCLUDE EITHER YOUR PHONE NUMBER OR EMAIL ADDRESS so we have a way to reach you about participating in the focus group. If you need support filling out this form, please contact
Email address:
Phone number:
What are your preferred pronouns?
Do you identify as a person or a family member of a person living with SMI? [Serious mental illness (SMI) is defined as a mental, behavioral, or emotional disorder resulting in serious functional impairment, which substantially interferes with or limits one or more major life activities.] *
If you prefer a term other than "a person living with SMI" please state what you'd prefer.
In which city do you reside? *
How many people are in your household? (Your household is considered to be you, a spouse/partner and/or any of your dependents.) *
Have you had an income below 30% AMI in the last 5 years?
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Have you ever been unhoused?
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What is your age?
What is your race / ethnicity?
Our goal is to include people who reflect the diverse population of Alameda County. Please share any other ways that your identity may further reflect the diverse population of Alameda County.
Have you or your family member with SMI ever lived or worked in supportive housing? (Supportive housing combines affordable housing with coordinated services to help people struggling with SMI to maintain stable housing and receive appropriate care.)
Focus groups will likely be held Monday through Thursday between 10 am and 4 pm during the months of February through June. Please specify any time limitations you might have.
How are you able to participate? (If not over zoom or by phone, please recommend alternatives. Please also provide any accessibility accommodations you might need.)
How did you find out about this focus group?
Please share any questions or comments, if any.
Would you like to join the CLA mailing list? If so, feel free to sign yourself up at
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