Hanson Athletic Hall of Fame Nomination
This form is to nominate any individual who has been involved in athletics at Hanson, Alexandria, Fulton or Farmer School Districts as a coach, athlete, manager or any other person who has had involvement in the running of the promotion of athletics in one of the above mentioned school districts.
Eligibility Requirements
Athlete: The athlete must have been out of direct involvement in athletics for a period of 10 years or more.

Coach: The person must be retired from all athletic programs within the district.

Team: Teams will be RECOGNIZED by the Hall of Fame Committee.

Contributor: Any person involved in promoting, boosting or the management of athletics in the Hanson, Alexandria, Fulton and Farmer school districts.

Selection Method
The committee shall accept nominations from anyone. This form has been adopted which assures adequate information shall be provided for the selection process. Time and method for nominations shall be decided by the current committee. Currently, nominations and forms must be received before June 15th of the current year to be considered for that year's induction. All nominations will be kept on file indefinitely. Each committee member can vote for up to 7 people on the ballot. To be inducted, nominees need to be selected on 75% of the ballots for enshrinement.
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Please create a list below of the reasons you are nominating this individual for recognition into the Hanson Athletic Hall of Fame. Be as detailed as possible with complete and concise information. Some ideas include: Individual Accomplishments, Team Accomplishments, contributions to athletics, etc.
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