Spring 2021 Local Innovation Lab Application

Are you passionate about creating positive, sustainable change in your community?

In response to Covid and the recent wildfires, Local Innovation Works, a 501c3 not-for-profit, is offering a 10-week student internship opportunity (April 5 - June 11, 2021) through its new Local Innovation Lab program. Interns will be participating in an array of projects, including supporting housing and shelter relief efforts, as well as developing community asset maps that will inform city planners and local agencies on the strengths of the fire impacted communities as they rebuild on a sustainable path.

These internships may be completed remotely, although remote participation in some projects may be impractical.

* Interns will develop solutions that respond to immediate and long-term community needs.
* Internships will offer real world experience in research, analysis, communications, project management and community asset mapping.
* This internship will operate in parallel with a 10-week course, SSCI 399: Humane Leadership (4cr), at SOU. When assigning internships, preference will be given to those enrolling in the Humane Leadership Course, though it is not required.
* It is possible to enroll in 4 credits of practicum as well. This is optional, though. You will need to speak with your major advisor and/or Professor Bret Anderson in the Economics dept (andersob6@sou.edu)
* This internship + SSCI 399: Humane Leadership make up two of the three requirements for a digital badge in Values-Based Leadership.

Time Commitment:
* 10-week program
* Working on projects for 5 - 10 hours a week (the internship)

* Have an interest in creating a positive change in your community and in being a leader.
* Can work virtually during the whole period.
* Can commit to full attendance for the whole period.
* Are proactive, motivated, and engaged and committed to action.

10-week stipend dependent on donor funding, attendance, and meeting team or solo project objectives.

Learn more about Local Innovation Works on our website: https://localinnovation.works/local-innovation-lab

Additional contacts:
Ellie Holty, Program Director, Local Innovation Lab (ellie@localinnovation.works)
Prof. Bret Anderson, SOU Economics (andersob6@sou.edu)
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This internship was designed to complement SSCI 399: Humane Leadership (4cr) at SOU. It is important that selected interns have the ability to commit to a 10 hr/week internship AND the 4 credit Humane Leadership Course. (Note: Students can choose to register for 4 additional practicum credits for the internship if they prefer. Check with your major advisor or Professor Anderson in economics, andersob6@sou.edu). Are you able to register for SSCI 399 if selected for the internship? *
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