Staff Application
Do you have what it takes to be a staff for Mc Adventures? A staff is a trusted person who contributes into making the server greater. It is a requirement that this person follows and knows all rules. Some usual assignments is to watch the chat in Discord and Minecraft server, give warnings and reporting to Staff-chat if there are any players not obeying the rules. Apply down below if you feel like you are the one!
Minecraft Username *
Discord Username *
How long have you been playing on our server? (Answer as close as possible) *
What is your age? *
This is only to get to know you better.
Why do you want to be a Staff for Mc Adventures? *
How many hours a day/week can you be available either on Discord or Minecraft? *
Do you have any experience being a Staff or server owner? *
If yes: Please write a sentence on where you were a Staff/owner, and for how long.
Do you understand that accepting the role Staff, you agree to never go against the rules, other Staff, laws or Owner, and will be fair to other players? *
This also includes not abusing any Staff powers that is given. If any of these are broken by you, the role will be removed immediately.
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