ERRA Swim Lessons
Private Swim lessons allow swimmers to work with an instructor focusing on the personal goals of the swimmer. Swim lessons are conducted at the ERRA pool during times that are agreeable to you, the instructor and the pool manager. Our instructors focus on both swimming techniques and water safety.

Swim lesson prices for the 2019 swim season:

Five 30-minute sessions

Payment must be made before lessons begin. All payments should be made to ERRA.

Every effort should be made to attend scheduled lessons. 24 hour notice is requested if a lesson needs to be rescheduled.
Lessons cancelled due to weather, early closings, sickness, or emergency may be rescheduled with the instructor.

Requests for private lessons may be submitted at any time. Lessons will be scheduled during the regular swim season. (So if you submit pre-season you may not get an immediate response for scheduling.)

Any issues and or concerns about swim lessons should be discussed with the instructor or pool manager, Sara Hensley.

** PLEASE NOTE: It may take up to a week to hear back from an instructor as we assign lessons. We have had a great response to lesson requests and want to make sure we have adequate space to teach your child. Please do not submit multiple forms. Lessons will not begin until at least June 10th, to give the water a chance to warm up and the pool to be in full hourly operational mode.

Thank you for your interest in swim lessons at ERRA!

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