Saltshaker Meals
Sign up here to participate in our Summer 2018 Saltshaker Meals at Grace!

A Saltshaker Meal is an organized potluck, essentially...and a terrific way to get to know other Grace folks! The meal is a fun, low-key event that provides an opportunity to make new connections, or deepen relationships with those you may already know.

Here’s how it works:

1. Sign up to participate in this form - you may sign up as an individual, as two people to attend together, as a couple, or as a family. Indicate whether you are able to host when you sign up (and if so, whether children may participate with their family at the meal you host).
2. Groupings are organized by as-random-as-possible assignments.
3. All participants receive the information needed to schedule and conduct the meal.
4. Hosts contact their group and the scheduling begins!
5. The meals happen, food is consumed, new friendships are established, previous connections are enhanced, and life goes on a little better than before. 

Questions? Please contact Pastor Melanie:

First session of meals: mid-June through mid-July.
Second session of meals: mid-July through end of August.

Sign up deadline is Sunday, June 10.

If you are signing up on your own, please complete this section. If you are signing up with another person, please complete this section, and then continue on to PERSON 2 (even if you are signing up with a spouse).
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