War and Peace R.S.V.P.
An Evening of Celebration of the Dichotomy of our Existence

To the esteemed members of the Camarilla;
To our allies among the Anarch Movement;
To our companions among the Independent Alliance;
To the Kindred of note among the unaligned;

On January 18th, 2020, please join us for a unique celebration of Greco-Roman mythology and faith honoring Ares and Eirene - War and Peace. Conflict and calm represent the dichotomy of our existence. We prepare for the former, and hope for the latter. Life as we know it, is a delicate balance between the two.

Please honor us by joining our Domain in celebrating the different sides of our lives - light and dark.

In honor of these two deities, we ask that attendees dress in their best interpretation of war or peace from historical, modern, future or mythological concepts.

Visitors, please be aware of the applicable Courtesies held in the Domain of Phoenix -

- To ensure adherence to the Masquerade, humans will not be unjustifiably harmed. Any kindred who kills a human within the boundaries of the Domain territory will present themselves to the Prince for an explanation and potential judgment.
- The flesh twisting powers of Vicissitude have no home in Phoenix. The use or display of these powers are not permitted. Those who stand in violation of this courtesy shall be torpored and brought before the Prince in judgement.

The contact for the Primogen are as follows:
Assamite - Odette bint Rumi
Brujah - Joseph Maxwell
Gangrel - Pollux Xenos
Malkavian - Todd St. James
Nosferatu - The Conductor
Toreador - Thomas Rankin
Tremere - Kaius Drescher
Ventrue - Gunnvalder Grayson

To R.S.V.P, please use the following form - all the Primogen, the Court officers and the Harpy have access to this and will reach out as needed.


As always, we look forward to entertaining our guests.

Alwin Gerhardt
Prince of Phoenix, Arizona

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