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About Nobilis
Nobilis is a full stack web development agency focused on building web based business software and digital products. Our vision is to be a leading software development agency that inspires the Kenyan tech community and spearheads the growth of a mature technology ecosystem in the region, earning esteem from the world at large.
Available Positions
Full-Stack Software Developer
We are looking for a highly skilled, adaptable, and reliable full-stack Ruby on Rails developer to join our talented development team. As a software developer at Nobilis, you will be tasked with the development of server-side logic, design, implementation and maintenance of the central database, and ensuring high performance and responsiveness to requests from the front-end and mobile apps. You will also be responsible for integrating front-end elements designed by other members of the Nobilis team. Though your main tasks will be focused back-end, a solid foundation in HTML, CSS and ReactJS for front-end development will be helpful as well. Additionally, experience in delivery of the front-end in form of progressive web apps (PWAs) for Android and iOS would be highly beneficial.

- Collaboration with the Nobilis team to determine the scope and expectations of projects
- Design, build and maintain clean, efficient, reusable, and reliable Ruby code
- Develop product features of increasingly complexity
- Integrate software components and third-party programs to meet project specifications
- Testing and documenting written code
- Troubleshoot, debug, and upgrade existing software
- Maintaining overall code quality

- 1-2 years Experience with Ruby on Rails development
- Good understanding of the syntax of Ruby and the nuances of object-oriented programming as a whole
- A knack for writing clean, readable Ruby code
- Able to create database schemas that represent and sup
- A solid foundation in front-end technologies, such as JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3, as well as front end frameworks such as React for highly interactive UIport business processes
- Able to implement automated testing on Rails
- Proficient understanding of code versioning tools like GIT
- Familiarity with continuous integration
Working at Nobilis
Nobilis is a tight agile team of product minded, full stack engineers and software professionals. We care about well written and extensible code, neat and intuitive UI, and polished software products.

At Nobilis Limited, we consider ourselves a sophisticated software company and our track record speaks for itself. We continue to grow every year and succeed by being innovators and building long term, respectful relationships with our customers and

All team members at Nobilis work remotely for the most part. We sometimes provide office space when working on projects that require the team to report to an office. Working remotely allows you to define your working hours, and is a great way to build trust and discipline within the team, while giving each member the flexibility they need to work how they think is best.

We get together every so often for a day out, to unwind and talk about the direction of our business, our software, and life. We hold internal hackathons and hackdays once in a while to encourage learning and experimentation.

All in all, working at Nobilis is about continuous improvement of not only our software as a whole, but of each team member as a person.
Our Technology
Our primary tech stack is Ruby on Rails. Rails allows us to get started quickly, produce working software faster, all while worrying less about initial configuration and set up. We test all our apps heavily to ensure production stability.

We write single page applications using ReactJS, KnockoutJS, modular Javascript and JQuery to make richer experiences on our applications where those are required. We also write mobile apps in React Native.

We deploy to Heroku and DigitalOcean backed by a Postgresql Database. We also use Redis as a key value store for temporary storage and for background jobs (using sidekiq). We use other specialised technologies as required by the project.

We use git and bitbucket for version control, and codeship for continuous integration.

Agile practices lie at the core of our project management, allowing us to always move at a steady pace.
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