Kindle Cascadia 2019 Teacher Application
At Kindle Cascadia, we like to create space for both experienced instructors who are masters of their crafts and provide opportunity for new instructors to hone their teaching skills. We have two avenues to teach at Kindle Cascadia:

Core Teachers:
-Have demonstrated expertise of their craft, competence in teaching to all skill levels, and are known to the Kindle Cascadia community

-Teach 3 workshops minimum

-Are provided with lodging, breakfasts and dinners throughout the gathering, as well as promotion on our website and social media platforms.

-Are welcome to bring a +1 at no cost.

Gateway Teachers:
-Appropriate for new teachers, teachers new to the Kindle Cascadia community, or more experienced teachers who want to come to Kindle Cascadia as a participant as well as a teacher.

-Teach one or two workshops.

-Are provided with a discounted ticket ($75 off per workshop taught)

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