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This form is for those who have already applied for enrollment to the KC Restoration School.
We will be hosting a series of "Week 1 Adventures" for youth and families interested in enrolling in the KC Restoration School. After a young person has experienced a week with us, we can move forward in the enrollment process, or we can try another week. Once everyone consents to moving forward, you will receive an invitation to enroll. This way, we are ensuring that everyone has clarity about our school's culture and it's offerings. Week one adventures are built with spacious structure, so that new students can engage and previous students can contribute to the onboarding of others, or do their own Self-Directed Education (SDE). Each week is $175 per student.

Day 1: Welcome! Meet Leia, our therapy dog, learn about our circle structures and how youth shape the day, and the budget$ for adventurous learning by doing at our school & within a .5 mile walk. Adult family members are welcome for the 8-10:30 am blocks and the 2-4 pm block, for our #RemakeLearningDay activities.
Day 2-4: Youth Designed Adventures & Self-Directed Education (SDE) Creations.
Day 5: Experience School Meeting Circle (the governing body of our school), Friday Adventures & Farewell Celebration

Several families are hoping that these unique adventurous weeks will provide a "camp-type" option and/ or a respite from homeschool. This is possible, use the form below to share your needs.
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