WHO Recommended Handrub Formulation-1 Request --- Due to a high demand of requests, our contact time may take up to a week. We appreciate your patience.
Though we want to get this product to everyone who needs it, we are currently prioritizing first responders, health care, assisted living, nursing homes, and nonprofits. We appreciate your understanding.

We can not ship our hand cleanser product. All must be picked up from Boot Hill Distillery in Dodge City Kansas

If you are involved with an organization considered at high risk of contracting COVID-19, please answer the following questions. Additional hand cleanser will be distributed based on supply and production capabilities.

Our mission is to provide free hand cleanser to as many people and facilities as possible.

If your organization or others would like to donate to this cause please visit our GoFundMe Page gf.me/u/xr59ng. or contact us at info@boothilldistillery.com all donations go directly to the production of more hand cleanser. Donation does not guarantee you will receive product, but will increase the amount we are able to produce and provide to facilities like yours.
What type of facility do you represent? *
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