Application for Selected Membership Committees
See below for roles and responsibilities.
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HMIS Oversight Committee
1. Reviewing data quality reports and recommending quality improvement programs to the HUD CoC Committee
2. Ensuring transparency, accountability and compliance with federal requirements
3. Supporting and protecting the rights and privacy of service users
4. Collaborating with the HMIS Lead on all policies, including Privacy, Security, and Data Quality Plans as required by federal regulation
5. Conducting an annual review of HMIS performance and functionality, using the HMIS work plan to measure progress.
HUD CoC Committee
1. Acts on behalf of the membership to ensure compliance with HUD CoC regulations.
2. Appoint committee / sub-committees or working groups under its purview.
3. Determine costs of complying with HUD mandates.
4. Designate and operate an HMIS system; ensures it meets system performance needs. (See HMIS Oversight Committee)
5. Facilitates CoC planning to meet regulatory obligations.
6. Recommend annual updates to the Governance Charter.
7. Recommend guiding principles and strategic direction to CoC NOFA Committee based on HUD NOFA guidelines.
8. Design, operate and follow a collaborative process for submitting the CoC application to HUD.
9. Monitor, evaluate, and take action to improve poor performance of CoC funded projects.
10. Evaluate outcomes of ESG and CoC projects and report to HUD.
11. Consult with local government recipients on allocations of ESG funds.
12. Adopt written standards for CoC assistance and ensure compliance.
13. Direct Homeless Count; approve methodology; submit results.
14. Direct an annual gaps analysis.
15. Ensure CoC lead provides information to jurisdictions that submit Con Plans.
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