Taste Cumbria @ North West Hospitality Show 21st and 22nd Feb 2018
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It is a condition of CN Events that every exhibitor, contractor, sub-contractor, supplier and their agents comply with the Health and Safety Act 1974, regulatory reform (Fire Safety Order 2005), and all other legislation, rules and regulations associated with this event. The Trader accepts that it is their legal and moral duty to ensure that their own and others Health and Safety is not endangered by their actions or inaction throughout the build up, event days and breakdown periods (please tick). *
By ticking this box, we agree to liaise with the Event Management / Health and Safety department on all matters regarding Health and Safety prior to and during tenancy where necessary to ensure the Health and Safety of all parties who may be affected by our action / inaction. We recognise that CN Events reserve the right to issue a suspended action notice for contravention of the Health and Safety rules of the Organization and for relevant statutory provisions and may, given the circumstances, prohibit an exhibit or activity where CN Events consider that the Health and Safety or welfare of personnel is at risk. *
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Terms and Conditions:By completing this booking form you are agreeing to attend the event named, and an invoice will be raised for the amount above. Cancellation within four weeks of the date of the event will incur a 50% charge which will increase to 100% two weeks prior to the event.In addition, we apply strict Health and Safety rules on all our sites, which we expect you to adhere to, in line with the Health and Safety At Work Act 1974. You will be expected to have the health and safety of all staff, customers and contractors at the forefront of your planning and management, and carry out risk assessments in line with the nature of your business. If you are a food business, you must be registered and approved by your local authority for food and hygiene otherwise you will not be allowed to trade. Our team will perform on-site checks on electrical equipment so please ensure it is tested as appropriate.You must provide a copy of your PUBLIC LIABILITY INSURANCE when returning this form. On receipt, a copy of our contractor and exhibitor terms and conditions, a health and safety agreement and an invoice will be issued. The health and safety agreement must be signed and the invoice must be paid by the date stated at the top of this form. *
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