R.A.D.I.A.N.C.E., Inc. Application for Membership
Thank you for your interest in R.A.D.I.A.N.C.E., Inc. This form will serve as an application for membership consideration. Our program is based in Atlanta, GA and membership is open to young ladies, ages 10-18. Please be sure to fill it out in its entirety.

*Parents of applicants will be emailed a consent form to finalize the application.

R.A.D.I.A.N.C.E., Inc.’s mission is to develop and empower today’s young women with tangible resources and relentless confidence to pursue their passions and bring their ideas to fruition, through the development of their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. R.A.D.I.A.N.C.E. girls are daring enough to start now, not waiting for time’s permission to be the world’s inspiration.
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