Silver Fang Magazine Submission
Welcome to the Silver Fang Magazine! Thank you for your contribution!

We accept submissions of artwork, photography, stories, or articles related to any series by Yoshihiro Takahashi (not just Ginga)! We'll also take articles about any animal-related series Ginga fans may enjoy too!

- English submissions only (mention of other languages and translations absolutely allowed though!)
- All submissions must be PG-13 (No extreme gore/violence or sexual content. Minimal cursing allowed.)
- Artwork and photography should be 300 DPI, minimum 8x8 inches (2400 pixels) but can be any dimensions/orientation (we haven't decided on size of the magazine yet, but will add padding if needed). Preferred CYMK, but we can convert for you if needed.

Terms of submission:
- The magazine will be available for digital download or in printed format for purchase (print-on-demand).
- You will not receive compensation for your submission, but will get your wonderful work distributed to readers around the world in the Ginga fandom! You will ALWAYS be credited for your work.
- Silver Fang Network at the moment has no plans to make profit off of this magazine, but you will be notified if this changes.
- You give us the right to edit and reformat your work, but we will do so as minimally as possible to fit into the magazine or correct any spelling/grammar errors.
- We have the right to decline your submission. We may hold onto your submission for future magazines if it seems fit.
- Contact will be through the email address you provide below.
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Article Subjects Already Submitted (for your reference)
This is for your own reference if you want to submit a unique article. But if you want to write something up on the same/similar subject, please do! We could always post them as complementary pieces, or save them for a future publication!

- English GDW (with basic intro to Manga Planet GNG)
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