Test Your Tech Loop RIs & Puzzles Form
IMPORTANT SCORING INFORMATION:  Ignore this first paragraph until after you have finished this test loop and submitted this form.  After that you can choose "View score" and then see a small box labeled "Total points" above showing how many correct answers you entered.  To get your puzzle score (of wrong answers) calculate the difference between the two numbers in the box.  Zero (0) is the best possible score.

OF HIGHEST PRIORITY:  Read through this Google Form as an overview of how to run the rally whether of not you will be running through the test loop.  Also, it's best to have already read through this at least once before running the test loop.  The Google Forms for the two (2) SRRR sections will not repeat most of what is in this Google Form.

NOTE 1:  The Competitor app will normally only record the passing of each checkpoint (CP) location once for each car number.  That means the app will normally only work for each car number the first time someone using it runs through the course.  The JW Test Rally (aka this Test Your Tech Loop) is no different so as a precaution please login to the Competitor app and try to register with your car number before you go to the Buc-ee's by the Texas Motor Speedway (TMS) to try it out. The login instructions are in the "Pre-rally information" section below.  If you can't access your car number, or if it already has checkpoint (CP) data in it, you will need to send a text to the rallymaster at 217 390-7851 and ask to have that car reset for the test loop.

NOTE 2:  Fortunately this "Test Your Tech Loop Google Form" can be downloaded fresh and submitted multiple times.  Also, you do not need to be at the Texas Motor Speedway to try it out on different devices and/or to complete and submit it multiple times.

NOTE 3:  So that you can get oriented to how the Sweetheart Ride Road Rally (SRRR) will work this test loop includes (with slight modifications) the first two (2) and the last three (3) RIs of SRRR.  It also includes RI's patterned after the beginning and ending RI's of SRRR Section 1's TSD leg.

NOTE 4:  There is a great deal of information in this Google Form about the Competitor app.  While that information may sound technical or complicated please rest assured that the app is actually very easy to use and it works very well.

NOTE 5:  The different parts of this test loop are much shorter than the similar parts of SRRR since the test loop is just under 6 miles long.  The test loop takes about 15 minutes to drive at normal speeds and about 25 minutes of extra time have been added to that.  Some of the 25 are specifically allocated to allow you time to figure out how to do an odometer comparison, how to begin a TSD leg and what happens at the end of one and for getting to the Starbucks to submit this Google Form.  The rest of the extra time is prorated over the course to allow time to work on solving the puzzles.  Combining the normal driving time plus the extra time means that you should consider 40 minutes after your CP/RI 2 "flying start" out time on the test loop to be the maximum time of day for you to submit this Google Form at the end of the loop unless you claim a GTA Time Allowance (TA) to push it back farther.

NOTE 6:  It is useful to understand that when the Competitor app sounds for each CP/RI the sound occurs "before" you arrive at the point mentioned in the CP/RI.  None-the-less there are two occasions when something does occur simultaneously with the sound and that is when a "flying (or drive by) start" time is assigned for a TSD leg for this test loop, or the first section of SRRR, and when the end of the timed portion of each TSD leg occurs.  In the case of the "flying start" if you will just be staying on time for the TSD leg by the "seat of your pants" (as opposed to doing calculations) then you should stop at the indicated landmark that is the designated starting point of the leg and leave there just before the assigned "flying start" time so that you are at least starting out the TSD leg right on time.

NOTE 7:   The Competitor app sounding point for every RI that is not part of a Time Speed Distance (TSD) leg, nor the beginning or end of the test loop or an SRRR section, is used as a GTA timing point to help you know if you are on track to finish the loop or section without incurring a "took too long" penalty. The timing has been calculated to the RI's execution starting point (the mileage given below the RI) by using normal speeds from the most recent section start or flying start.  Since the app compares the calculated time for the mileage with the time of day when it sounds before the RI the time at the sound will show as a little bit earlier than you actually are (or a little less late if it shows late, but not by much).  More on how to use these times is included with RI 13 below.

NOTE 8:   Educational information is included below the mileage for some RI's.  This information will normally not be repeated in the SRRR Google Forms.  Some of it was included in the General Instructions or the Addenda to them.  The advantage of seeing it here is that it is in context with the actions related to it.

NOTE 9:  The main things to take away from running this test loop are that your equipment is working, that puzzles really do only use easily spotted objects and that running SRRR will be a blast.

Before you start the test loop please provide your car number and class in the next two boxes respectively.
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Car Number *
Class Registered In *
Puzzle and Route Instruction Reminders:
You will NOT find a correct solution for some of the puzzles on the rally.  That is because some puzzles do not have a solution.  This has been done to discourage guessing and to make it unproductive to go back to look for a solution.  Other puzzles may have one (1), two (2), three (3) or four (4) correct solutions so look hard all of the time while each puzzle is active and choose "Found" for all of the correct solutions that you find.

Every puzzle stands alone even if it appears to be repeated.  Mark only the solutions you find for a puzzle while it is active.  Puzzles do not overlap.

All solutions have been defaulted to "Not Found" so all you have to do is tap the circles for the solutions you find.  You can change your answers as many times as you want up until you have submitted the form.  If the "Found" or "Not Found" circle doesn't work for a puzzle on this test loop enter in the blank provided at the bottom of this form the puzzle's number and a "position designation letter" (A B C D) for each solution you want counted as found (i.e.  6 acd 11 b  16).  In some browsers scrolling forward or back may get a circle working again.  Additionally you can try switching to another tab you have open in your browser then back to the tab for the section you are working on.

Sometimes you may accidently get a red message that says: "This question requires one response per row".  This is because both the "Found" and "Not Found" choices for a row or rows have somehow become unmarked at the same time.  Just tap the circle(s) you want to have filled in and the error message will go away.

Your puzzle score for each section is the sum of the number of incorrect solutions you mark as "Found" plus the number of correct solutions you fail to mark as "Found."  You will automatically retain a "graded" copy of your submitted form for each section of the rally so you do not need to keep any kind of paper records.

Whenever the Competitor app sounds and displays a new line of "CP" information it means that in a short distance you are coming to a point in the rally where you must start executing the Route Instruction (RI) with the same number as that CP number.  Do not look beyond the sound point for solutions to the puzzle you are working on but do execute the Route Instruction called for as soon as it is possible to do so.  You will never have to see a sign or turn exactly when the sound plays.  The distance in advance the sound will play has been set to take into account the normal speed someone on the road should be traveling.  Once you have completed executing the RI, immediately start working on the puzzle (if there is one) that comes between it and the next RI in the Google Form.  Also stay tuned for the next Competitor app sound.

1. Turn the sound up to 100 percent on the device you are running the Competitor app on.

2. Make sure the devices you are using are powered so that you will not run out of battery.

3. Set the screen timeouts on your devices for as long as you can since going to sleep might cause problems with the Competitor app or with the Google Form in your browser.

4. If your browser has a "sleeping tabs" feature turn that feature off.

5.  Make sure the brightness of your device screens is set high enough that you can easily read the screen but not so high that the screen will be damaged.

6.  Set the fonts for your device or browser so that everything is easy to read.  (Be careful not to zoom the Competitor app on your device and be sure not to set your device to use too large a font.  Either mistake may cause some of the app's main screen information to run off the edge of the screen.)
7.  Put my contact information (Jerry White, 217 390-7851) in the phone you are using for the Google Forms so you will know to answer if I call during the rally.
Pre-rally Information:
The following statements or ones very similar to them will be included in an email to all SRRR participants the day before the rally and also in the SRRR Section 1 Google Form as "Pre-rally Information:"

1.  As a precaution, DO NOT have the Competitor app running for either this test loop or for SRRR when you arrive at Buc-ee's (or for that matter when traveling in the vicinity of the test loop or the rally in the days before it).  This precaution is here because there are several "checkpoints" (CPs) in the vicinity of Buc-ee's for both courses.  As mentioned above, for each event you initially get one shot at being processed at each checkpoint (CP) so you do not want to accidentally be processed by a checkpoint just by happenstance.  For SRRR all but the first of the CP's are somewhat protected by having opening and closing times but for this test loop opening and closing times have not been assigned.  This is so you can run this test loop at your convenience any time any day.  If you can't access your car number, if it already has checkpoint (CP) data in it or if you want, or need, a second shot at running the test loop or an accidentally tripped SRRR checkpoint just text the rallymaster at 217 390-7851 and ask to have that car reset for the test loop or SRRR as applicable.

2.  When you arrive at Buc-ee's find your way to the large, high-in-the-air, Buc-ee's head sign at the north, freeway-side, parking lot entrance.  When you get there be sure you have location and mobile data turned on on the device you will be running the Competitor app on.

3.  Start the Competitor app:

A.  If the app opens already running the "JW Test Rally" (aka the "test loop") you're all set to start running it per 3 below as long as you are running Competitor App "Ver 1.19".  If you aren't you will need to do an uninstall of the Competitor app and then reinstall it on your device from the Google Play store or the Apple Store (not from a previously downloaded version).  Once the Competitor app is reinstalled open it, make sure it is the correct version, and proceed with option "B".

B.  If the app opens to the "Review Privacy Policy" screen accept the policy then scroll down the "Select Event" list and choose the "JW Test Rally."  Enter JWly in the password blank and tap "Check Password."  Enter your car number and your own choice for a car password.  If you already have a password set up and it has not been reset you must use it again.  In the Competitor app it is not necessary to have a car password or to fill in any information about your car in order to run the test loop.  If the app won't let you in as your car number it could be that someone else has already used that number to run through the test loop.  If that is the case or if there is already information that isn't yours filled in or if there is data for previous visits to one or more of the test loop's checkpoints simply text the rallymaster per 1 above to have your car number reset then start through this "B" option again.

C.  If the app opens to SRRR or some other event you need to touch and hold the word "Unregister" at the bottom of the main Competitor app screen. The app will revert to the "Review Privacy Policy"  screen where you can continue with option "B" above.

3.  Proceed southwest from the Buc-ee's head sign in the driving aisle closest to the freeway.  As you go down this aisle the Competitor app will sound and checkpoint (CP) 1 information will be displayed.  When that happens continue on with RI 1 below.
RI 1.  With location (GPS) and mobile data on and with the Competitor app open on the screen find the driving aisle along the southwest side of the Buc-ee's building and head northwest in it to the light pole nearest the west most corner of the building.  Zero your odometer at the light pole.   Starting from the light  pole you must continue northwest looking for the execution point for RI 2 below.

1.  As you approach the light pole the Competitor app should sound and display CP 2 information.

2.  For the test loop this will be a "flying start" time of the beginning of the next minute.  For SRRR the time will be 12:30 PM plus your car number.  For both this test loop and SRRR you should leave the starting point as soon as you are ready.

3.  This light pole is the beginning of the Test Your Tech Loop, and also of SRRR, and of each's Odometer Comparison Zone (OCZ).
RI 2.  Right at stop to exit the Buc-ee's parking lot.

1.  If you start on time for the test loop then when the Competitor app sounds to let you know that the execution starting point for RI 3 is coming up it should show you that you are a few minutes early.  That is because five (5) minutes of the extra 25 minutes you will be allowed for the loop (see "NOTEs 5, 6 and 7" above) have been added into the time calculated for traveling at normal driving speeds to that point.
RI 3.  Right at stop (after crossing Texas 114).
P 3.  Pre-running the course for a GTA rally may get you _____.  You won't find the solutions below along the course.  This is a pop quiz. *
4 points
Not Found
called unsportsmanlike
penalty points
one or more of the above
RI 4.  Observe the "Interstate Texas 35W" sign with a 90 degree right turn arrow on it.
P 4.  Starting out early on a TSD leg might get you _____.  You won't find the solutions below along the course.  This is a pop quiz. *
4 points
Not Found
an early penalty
a late penalty
a TA
time to recover from a problem (but be sure you have a good enough idea of where the TSD legs next timed checkpoint is that you can get back on time before you reach it).
RI 5.  Observe the "Interstate Texas 35W" sign with a right pointing straight arrow on it.
P 5.  Things an advertising sign may want you to envision in your future:  _____  [The comments in brackets [ ] below are to help you find any puzzle solutions on this test loop.  Similar information will not be given for SRRR.] *
4 points
Not Found
winning [the checkered flag]
paradise [two dice]
resorts [resort is singular on the sign and there is only one sign]
world travel [the globe with the star shooting around it]
RI 6.  Observe the Stop Ahead (in symbols) sign.
P 6.  You don't see _____ cruising here.  Vernacular language is allowed for this puzzle.  Only use official type signs and the top two lines of other signs.  As always remember to ignore real estate signs. *
4 points
Not Found
chicks [not found]
no [There is actually a no (symbol) cruising sign to the left but "no" also can be used from numerous "no parking" (symbol) signs or a "no trucks" sign. Many times there will be more than one (1) chance to find a particular solution.]
any [The last three letters of "company" on the "Sunmount Paving Company" sign.]
cars [Although there is one car per No Parking sign there are multiple No Parking signs so cars can be plural.]
RI 7.  End the OCZ at the "No Limits, Texas City Limit" sign on the left.  Note how your odometer compares to the rallymaster's then ZERO (0.00) YOUR ODOMETER.  Continue on with the GTA portion of the test your tech loop.  RIs  8 and 9 will tell you where to begin the TSD leg (so start studying them now).

1.  As will happen on SRRR, when you arrived at this RI more minutes of the extra 25 allowed for the test loop were added to the prorated maximum time.  Adding this extra should give you time to compare your odometer to the rallymaster's and to leave this point on time to finish the test loop without incurring a "took too long" penalty.

2.  FYI, if your odometer reads low compared to the rallymaster's it means that you need to compensate by averaging what for you seems to be a slower speed than the prescribed average speed.  Think of it this way.  The rallymaster has measured more miles than you do.  When he multiplies that larger number of miles by the amount of time it should take per mile his answer will be more time than what you calculate with your lower mileage.  You therefore have to go slow in order for your travel times to match his longer travel times.
RI 8.  STOP about even with the block/brick wall on the left TO READ THIS RI after the Competitor app sounds for CP 8 (if you if you aren't already up to speed with its information).  The TSD leg on the test loop will begin ahead at a Jersey Barrier "wall/fence" (which you won't be able to see yet) at the end of the truck/trailer enclosure area ahead on the left.  PLEASE READ ALL OF THE FOLLOWING BEFORE YOU GO MUCH PAST THE BLOCK WALL:

0.24 is the approximate mileage where the Competitor app will make its sound for this CP/RI.  By shortly after the block (or large bricks) wall on the left you should be waiting (see 1 below) for your turn to pull up toward the (out of sight) Jersey Barrier "wall/fence" at the end of the truck trailer enclosure area ahead on the left.

1.  DO NOT PULL UP to within 60 yards of the Jersey Barrier "wall/fence" IF SOMEONE IS ALREADY AT IT (or if they have just left it and the minute hasn't changed yet).  IF THERE ISN'T A CAR at the Jersey Barrier "wall/fence" DO PULL UP even with it JUST AFTER THE START OF A NEW MINUTE.

2.  As you are approaching the Jersey Barrier "wall/fence" at the end of the truck trailer enclosure area ahead on the left the Competitor app will sound and simultaneously assign you the beginning of the following minute as your ideal departure time (aka out time) from the Jersey Barrier "wall/fence".  The assigned out time will appear in the "In Time" column on the CP 9 line and be labeled to the right as a "Restart".    See comment 1 for RI 9 below if you accidently get yourself assigned the same departure time as someone else.

3.  Overview of the sequence of events  regarding starting this test loop TSD leg:
A. App sounds for this RI about taking your turn.
B. You stop ~even with the block wall.
C. You proceed toward the Jersey Barrier "fence/wall." when it is your chance.
D. App sounds for RI 9 and assigns you an out time from the Jersey Barrier "fence/wall."
E. You stop even with the Jersey Barrier "fence/wall" and zero your odometer.
F. You start out from there at about your app assigned CP/RI 9 out time.
(SRRR's first TSD leg will follow a similar A through F pattern.)

4.  As will happen on SRRR, when you arrived at the Competitor app's sounding point for this RI more minutes of the extra 25 allowed for the test loop were added to the prorated maximum time to arrive.  Adding this extra should give you time to read this RI and to leave the RI 9 execution point on time to finish the test loop or section without incurring a "took too long" penalty.

5.  Notice what your early or late time is for this CP.  You can scroll back to it later if you need to.  More information about why your early or late time at this CP/RI is important is included with RI 14.
RI 9.  Zero (0.00) your odometer at the Jersey Barrier "wall/fence" on the left at the end of the truck/trailer enclosure area.  CAST 25.

1.  If the time before your out time doesn't give you enough time to stop at the Jersey Barrier "wall/fence" on the left at the end of the truck trailer enclosure area, zero your odometer, and prepare to continue or if it appears you have gotten assigned the same out time as someone else then use the TA + and - buttons to claim a delay of 30 seconds or 1 minute and 30 seconds, etc.

2.  As will happen for the first TSD leg on SRRR, when the Competitor app sounded for this CP/RI it assigned the beginning of the next minute as your out time.  FYI, the second section of SRRR starts with its TSD leg and there will be a time-of-day plus your car number in minutes start time there instead of a "flying start" like this where the Competitor app assigns the start of the next minute as your out time as you drive (aka fly) by.

3.  The TSD leg in this test loop and the ones on the two SRRR sections are their own little timing parts.  Any time you are early or late before the TSD leg has no affect on the leg.  During a TSD leg claim a cumulative time allowance (TA) only for delays that occur during the leg.  You must claim any delay time you want before you are timed passing by the CP at the end of the leg.

4.  For all RI's from here though the end of the TSD leg the Competitor app will only indicate "On course" instead of giving an early or late time.

5.  When the Competitor app sounds for the end of the TSD leg (RI 12 on this test loop) the minutes and seconds it shows as early or late will only be based on your out time, your travel time and your TSD TAs from this RI.
P 9.  Daffynitions.  (If you find stuff from a sign that can be translated into a given solution then mark that solution as "Found".)  Only use text from the first three lines of signs on the right. *
4 points
Not Found
mean ruler [PAR KING aka an average one]
trying out perfume [TEST CENT(er)]
loving coupling [not found]
the enemy [not found]
RI 10.  CAST 32 at the first left pointing chevron.  Pause 30 seconds.
P 10.  Johnson is the name of a _____.  [Johnson will not be found in any of the contexts below so all are "Not Found."] *
4 points
Not Found
race car driver
control company
RI 11.  CAST 28 at "Speed Limit 35" sign.
P 11.  The highest solution along the route is: _____  Only use signs on light poles on the left. *
4 points
Not Found
7 [This is both the highest in elevation and value but solutions could have come from two (2) signs.]
RI 12.  Observe the street sign (for Jarrett ) on the right.  Resume traveling at any reasonable legal speed.  Keep your odometer running until the end of the test loop.

1.  The TSD leg ended at 1.25 miles when the the Competitor app sounded for this CP/RI.

2.  The number of minutes given in the "Difference" column for CP 12 (up to a maximum of 10) is your score for the first TSD leg (i.e. 2:31 early or late is 2 points against you;  11:15 is 10 points).

3.  As will happen on SRRR, after this CP's early or late time was recorded more minutes of the extra 25 allowed for the test loop were added to the prorated maximum time to the sounding point.  If you are late at this CP/RI it is hoped that this extra will be enough to compensate for that.  You will not see the effect of that addition of time until the Competitor app shows your early or late time at the next CP/RI.
P 12.  She applied her first kiss to his face with a great deal of _____.  Only use signs on the right. *
4 points
Not Found
work [large standing letters across 114]
reserve [Not Found]
speed [SPEED Limit 35]
wet [Not Found]
RI 13.  Observe the stop (at South Allison per the sign on the right across the intersection).  You may submit this Google Form anywhere between here and Buc-ee's BUT be sure to follow the educational comments for RI 14 to claim any GTA time allowance you need for this test loop before you do.  (See educational comment 8 for RI 14 if you need access to Wi-Fi.)

RI 14.  Right at stop (onto Labonte per the sign that is way off to the left).

1.  The best place to claim any delay you will need in order to get this Google Form submitted without incurring a "took too long" penalty is between this RI and Texas 114.

2.  The additional minutes normally allowed to submit your puzzle solutions have already been factored in before calculating the time shown as early or late at this CP/RI on the Competitor app.  The time needed to get from RI 14 to RI 15 has also been factored in.

3.  Notice what your early or late time is for this CP/RI.  Because timing was restarted at the beginning of the TSD leg you will need to net together the early/late times from RI 8 and this RI to tell how you are doing as to finishing the test loop within your maximum time to complete the loop.

4.  If both times are early you probably have nothing to worry about, just keep on progressing at the rate you have been.  If one (1) of the times is late and the other is early you will need calculate if you are running early or late overall for the rally.

5.  If you see that you may not get this Google Form submitted before your 40 minute maximum time before incurring a late penalty then use the TA + and - buttons to the extent possible to claim enough of an adjustment to minimize that "took too long" penalty.

6.  Remember that the maximum time allowance for the whole test loop (and for the two sections combined for SRRR) is 19 minutes and 30 seconds and that any delay you want to claim for a section must be claimed before submitting the Google Form for that section.

7.  Remember also that any "took too long" penalty will be the number of whole minutes (up to 10) you are late submitting this Google Form after adjusting for any allowed GTA time allowances.  Any amount(s) of TA you took for the TSD legs do not get counted as part of any GTA TA that you claim but they may be part of why you find yourself needing to claim one.  If you are late over 15 minutes then you will be scored as if you turned in a Google Form with everything marked as "Not Found".

8.  Submit your puzzle solutions by going by the Starbucks if you need to.  Normally the time you submit your solutions is counted as the time you finished the section but for the test loop no one is checking.  If you connect to the Starbucks Wi-Fi it may warn you that your connection as been interrupted.  Ignore that warning and wait for the Starbucks web page to come up telling you you are connected then switch back to the tab with this Google Form on it then submit the form.
RI 15.  Left into the Buc-ee's parking lot entrance just south of the building.  (The Competitor app will not sound for nor display anything for this RI on the test loop.  Had it been set to do so it would have "accidentally" sounded way too early when you initially left Buc-ee's.  For SRRR the app will sound for the last CP/RI because I have set an opening time for it that was well after everyone should have cleared the area at the start of the rally.)

If you are running this test loop the same day as SRRR proceed to the Buck-ee's head sign and use the "Pre-rally Information" in SRRR's Section 1 Google Form to get started.
Enter the "code" your team was texted below.  [There isn't a code for the test loop so there is nothing to enter here.]
0 points
If you cannot set a "Found" or "Not Found" circle the way you want for a puzzle on this test loop enter in the blank below the puzzle's number and a "position designation letter" (A B C D) for each solution you want counted as found (i.e.  6 acd  10 b  13).
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