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The Nomad Cruise is an invitation only event. With our application system we are seeking to select a diverse group of people who share the same values. We are looking for passionate, open-minded people who love what they do and are ready to share their skills with the rest of the community.

By filling in this form you allow us to understand why you would be a valuable asset to our group. Community is the core of our project and we know that in each and every one out there lies a unique combination of characteristics and talents. So tell us about yours!

Please take 5 minutes to apply below so we can send you an invite once we have a spot available for you.

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How did you hear about us?
Tell us how you learned about us. If a friend, who has participated before, recommended Nomad Cruise to you, please mention the name below.
What's your main motivation to join the Nomad Cruise?
Tell us why you want to jump on board with us.
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Describe your job in a bit more detail.
Which industry do you work in? What kind of business? Give us a little insight, help us understand!
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What are your projects?
Do you have a particular hobby or interest you are really passionate about? Don't sell us numbers, tell us about your profession, your purpose, your passions.
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Are you able to work remotely?
How many months do you plan to work and travel within the next 356 days?
Did you attend / visit any of the following coworking spaces and workations?
What type of cabin do you prefer?
The cost for single cabins is usually about 30% higher. You can share a cabin with a partner or another fantastic participant that we select for you and save costs.
How can you contribute to the cruise?
The program on the cruise is organized by the participants. Would you be interested in organizing a talk or workshop and if so what would be the topic? If you have any experience please add links!
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