Facility Reservation Form
Filling out and submitting this form does not guarantee your reservation. Additional forms may be required (Waiver of Liability, Hold Harmless and Insurance Agreement) If this is needed a school official will contact you.

Reservation fees start at $100 per hour. If needed, there will be a $25 per hour Child Nutrition fee and/or Janitorial fee.

Contact Art Smalygo at asmalygo@collinsville.k12.ok.us.

All organizations must make application in writing on a provided application form to the
superintendent's office at least ten (10) days prior to the date of the meeting requested.
If the organization request is one with regularly occurring dates, approval may be given
for the entire schedule. Should a conflict develop with a school activity, the school
district reserves the right to cancel the permission granted or to require a change to a
mutually satisfactory date and time.
Permitted Use:
Permission for use of school facilities belonging to this school district may be granted to
educational, political, literary, cultural, religious, scientific, civic or recreational
organizations for purposes and programs which:

1. Are beneficial to the youth of the school district and to the programs of the
school district; and
2. Do not result in an increased monetary burden on the citizens of the
school district.
Priority Use:
The superintendent or his/her designee is to determine whether the proposed use of the
building will conflict with scheduled school programs and is to monitor the building for
signs of misuse or abuse.
Payment in Advance:
All payments for the use of school facilities must be received at the office of the superintendent
at least 72 hours in advance of the meeting time.
Responsibility of Applicant:
The applicant and his/her organization will be held responsible for the proper use of the building,
for payment for the use of school facilities, for the conduct of persons attending the meeting,
and will see to it that activities are confined to the areas requested and to the hours agreed
upon in the application. The applicant will indemnify the school district for any theft, loss or
damage to school property over and above normal wear which might be expected from his/her
use thereof, and will make prompt payment for such theft, loss or damage. An indemnity bond
or a deposit may be required if circumstances warrant. It is required that users of school
facilities will see that the activities are conducted at all times under competent adult supervision.
The superintendent or his/her designee will be the judge of unwarranted damages to the school
All rooms or areas will be left in as good condition as they were found, except the usual
accumulation resulting from normal building use. No applicant may sublet any part of the
building area named in the application request. All applications for repetitious use of the school
facilities will be renewed at the beginning of each school year and are subject to review by the
Users of school property must assume responsibility for the safety and protection of the
audience, workmen and participants to the extent required by law. The superintendent has the
right to require minimum limits of public liability and property damage insurance for all groups
using any school facility, and to require that there be evidence presented to the superintendent
in the form of a certificate of insurance, showing Collinsville School District No I006 Tulsa
County, Oklahoma, as an additional named insured.
Requests for cancellation of the use of school facilities must be received at least 24 hours in
advance of the meeting time. Failure to do so will obligate the applicant and his/her
organization to pay for all custodial and such other expenses as are incurred in opening the
building for his/her use.
Cancellation of permission may be ordered whenever such action is deemed in the best interest
of the school district. However, such cancellations will not be made except when unforeseen
emergencies arise, and then with as much advance notice as possible. Permission may be
canceled by the superintendent if conduct or infraction of regulations warrant. For the complete policy go to our school website; www.collinsville.k12.ok.us
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