MERCATOX 300:1 SWAP (Only for those who purchased STAKE on July 7 & thereafter)
This form is for you if you have purchased STAKE on July 7 and thereafter, in which you will be eligible for a 300:1 swap.
1. Send tokens on Mercatox using the 'SEND' button to:
2. Download the Sodacoin Wallet on
3. Fill out the form below & submit
Telegram Username *
Your Sodacoin Address *
Your Mercatox Email *
Your Mercatox Profile/User ID (Available on the top-right corner after you login). *
Amounts sent *
I understand that the amounts I have sent are eligible for a 300:1 swap. Meaning, for every 300 StakeIt (STAKE) tokens, I will receive 1 Sodacoin.
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