Emotions Matter Closed BPD Facebook Group Membership Form
Welcome to the Emotions Matter BPD Community! This secret closed Facebook group was founded in 2015 is to provide peer to peer support for those with BPD. Its purpose is to offer a safe online space for BPD peers to connect, empower and support each other, while exchanging information, resources and lived experiences.

To create a safe environment, this Facebook community has developed group communication guidelines. You will be asked to check the boxes below that you understand these guidelines before being added to the group. If a group member is not following these guidelines, our peer administrators or another member of the Emotions Matter team, reserves the right to remove their postings or group membership.

Our 2019 group administrators are Teresa Burgado from New York (teresa@teresaburgado.com) and Chelsea Spearman from Minnesota (chelsea.spearman@hotmail.com). Please note that this closed peer Facebook group is run entirely by peers and volunteer peer administrators. Therefore, they may not be able to respond to posts immediately.

Contact a peer administrator if you have any questions . We welcome feedback and look forward to hearing from you! We are happy to speak with you more about Emotions Matter and our closed BPD Facebook Group. Welcome aboard!
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Closed Facebook Group Member Information
Please provide us with your contact information below. This information will not be shared with anyone in the group. It will be kept in Emotions Matter's records for administrative purposes.
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Discussion Content Guidelines
Content Guidelines : We encourage discussion on a wide range of topics related to BPD. Some common examples include: managing relationships, social situations, work, school, family life, health care, community resources, set-backs, triggers, coping strategies, empowerment, stigma and moving forward with BPD.
I understand and accept the above content guidelines. *
Communication Guidelines
Behavior Guidelines: No bullying or hate speech ; especially with regard to another person’s gender, identity, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, culture, or politics. No taking screenshots or sharing posts to respect individuals’ privacy.

I understand and accept the above communication guidelines. *
Community Guidelines
Community Guidelines: Avoid making assumptions about other people’s experience of BPD. The BPD experience and recovery journey is unique for each person. Ask questions and support wherever possible! We do not judge where people are on their journey. Set-backs occur and are a normal part of recovery. This group exists to support and offer resources for all stages of BPD.
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Safety Guidelines
Safety Guidelines : Avoid posts with explicit details around self-harm, which can be potentially upsetting to other people in the group. If you express suicidal thoughts or urges that cause concern about your safety on Facebook, group administrators will encourage you to contact your therapist, crisis hotline, 911 or go to your local emergency room. Posts which do not adhere to the above guidelines may be removed by administrators.
I understand and accept the above safety guidelines. *
How to be Added to the Emotions Matter Closed Facebook Group
Step 1: Complete this form! Fill out contact information, accept guidelines and give us your Facebook name!
Step 2: One of our peer administrators, Teresa Burgado (teresa@teresaburgado.com) or Chelsea Spearman (chelsea.spearman@hotmail.com) will contact you via email. They should contact you within two weeks.
Step 3: One of our peer administrators will send you a "friend request" on Facebook.
Step 4: You must "accept" their friend request.
Step 5: One of our peer administrators will send you an "invitation" to join the group.
Step 6: You must "accept" their invitation which should show up in your Facebook Notifications.
Step 7: Let our Facebook administrators know how you want to be introduced to the group.
Step 8: Post using our group guidelines and receive peer support!
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If you have further questions about our closed Facebook group, or comments, please feel free to let us know in this section, or email info@emotionsmatterbpd.org. A volunteer from Emotions Matter will be in touch with you shortly! Thank you for reaching out to Emotions Matter! Thank you for your input!
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