Low Incidence Symposium
Date: September 25, 2019
Location: Palliser Regional Schools, 3305 - 18 Avenue North, Lethbridge
Parking: north side of Palliser building, entrance off of 36th Street or on any of the surrounding streets
Questions: Margaret Vennard margaret@swrcsd.ca or 587-486-0318
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Please note: as of September 13 the Complex Communication / Emerging Literacy session is full and we are only accepting 'wait list' requests. If you are on the wait list, we will notify you by email as soon as a space opens.
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Help our Low Incidence Team identify which of the students on their caseloads you are supporting. Provide the names (first and last initial) of your students with vision, hearing, and/or complex communication concerns that you get to work with this school year. *
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For those attending both morning AND afternoon sessions, we are pleased to provide a light lunch.
Consideration for Specialized Diets or Allergies
Please note: we cannot guarantee food safety for those with severe allergies or that food is prepared in a nut-free environment. We recommend participants with life threatening allergies bring their own food.
If you have indicated allergies, what are you allergic to?
If you are unable to attend, an alternate team member may attend in your place. Cancellations received within 1 week of the Symposium and 'no shows' will be charged for catering costs spent on your behalf.
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