Vikings on Shrooms [VoS] Application
Welcome to the first step of VoS' recruitment program. We seek members who understand that they will be a part of a larger group, and that the people you meet here might become friends for life.

The information you provide in this application will be used as basis for an interview, where you will have opportunity to elaborate on your answers - and ask questions of your own.

We respect you privacy, and therefore all information in this document is stored according to the The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - none of it will be forwarded to another party.

Thank you for choosing VoS, you will not be disappointed <3
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You have been given a mission that you can't complete, what do you do? *
A squad member seem to always need help with something, what do you do? *
You're in a pub with a few org members, what do you order? *
Rules of Engagement & Terms of Agreement
In order to work as a unit, and ensure the well being of the Company, we require all members to acknowledge and agree to a set of terms.

Rules Of Engagement:

Terms of Agreement:
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