DOYO Live Digital Marketing + Interactive Design Conference Presented by iSynergy is looking for the best of the best!!!
All marketing disruptors, innovators, visionaries, and leaders are welcome to submit entries requesting to speak at DOYO Live Digital Marketing + Interactive Design Conference Presented by iSynergy in October 2019 (official date coming soon).

This is your chance to share your story with hundreds of the best and brightest minds in marketing, inspiring them to rethink the way their business interacts with customers to drive results that matter.

We are HIGHLY interested in:
Disruptors - Marketing and business professionals pushing the boundaries.
Artificial Intelligence in marketing, chat bots, voice search, etc.
Content Marketing Strategy - Always looking for content strategies that are game changers.
Social Media, social media, social media, did we mention social media.
Public Relations
Integrated campaigns that combine digital, traditional and PR.

Additional Speaker Benefits:

1-Full Conference Pass
Exposure on DOYO Live 2019 website with a headshot and bio
Included in a 6-month long content marketing strategy both online and in-person events.

Event attendees are looking for actionable expertise they can bring back to their own organizations. In the entry form below, you’ll find a list of the DOYO Live's most sought-after topic areas. We encourage you to submit sessions related to these categories.

Additional criteria that are required:

Must submit a video of a previous speaking engagement, we love newbs. So if you have no prior experience record yourself on video, upload to YouTube and share with us. Even if you've presented at DOYO Live in the past, yes we still need video.

We love our marketing agencies, we'd love for you to invite a friend, preferably a client, that you can present with and present it as a case study.

All presentations should bring value, which means positively no sales, this isn't an infomercial.

We currently at this time are not allotting for paying speakers, but are willing to make sure we are marketing you and your business for the six months leading up to the event.

Call for speakers opens on November 2, 2018 and will close on February 27, 2019.

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