Listing Preparation Form
We look forward to representing your home sale and are working hard to get everything ready. Can we ask for a bit of your help in preparing the Listing Agreement and MLS Forms? Thanks in advance for your input!
Property Address *
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Full Legal Names on Title *
Please include all Sellers of Record. Please separate multiple names with a semi-colon.
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Individual Email Addresses for ALL Sellers of Record
Please separate multiple addresses with a semi-colon. This makes electronic signing of documents much faster and easier.
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List Price of the Property *
You may put 'TBD' if we need to re-evaluate pricing at a later date (especially if property won't be listed for 2+ months)
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Financing Types Accepted *
We generally recommend accepting as many types of financing as you can unless you have a specific reason to exclude a form of financing (i.e. your home is above the purchase price limits for FHA etc.)
Showing Instructions *
Please provide any day or time restrictions on showings as well as the minimum amount of notice required if approval is needed for appointments? If approval is not needed, please note that. If it is, please explain who we should contact and how is best (text or phone).
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Minimum Earnest Money Required
This is the minimum amount that a prospective buyer must put into escrow upon your acceptance of their offer. It is their way of putting 'skin in the game' and will be retained by you in the event that they default on their contractual obligations. This is usually between 1-1.5% of the List Price (rounded to the nearest $500)
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How would you like your proceeds given to you? *
Title Closing Company and Earnest Money Holder
The Title Company prepares the title insurance policy on your behalf to insure the buyer against any title issues. They also conduct the closing and hold the earnest money in escrow on behalf of all parties. Below are several individuals we have worked with before and found to be very competent in their jobs. These companies will charge a fee for their services which is usually very competitive with each other. Please let us know if you would like an estimate of closing fees for a particular company.
Inclusions and Exclusions
Inclusions (Check ALL That Apply) *
These items will be included with the sale and transferred to the new buyer. If you have multiples of these or additional clarifications on items to be included, please indicate below under 'other'. IMPORTANT: simply NOT selecting one of these boxes does not mean that the item will be EXCLUDED. All items which require a tool to remove are considered 'fixtures' and are automatically INCLUDED per the Colorado contract unless explicitly listed below as EXCLUSIONS.
Additional Inclusions
Additional items included in the sale. **Note that Colorado State Law requires that there is a carbon monoxide (CO) detector/alarm within 15 feet of EVERY bedroom in the home. Please be sure to purchase and install (or plug-in) the detectors prior to listing if needed.
Garage Door Openers
This may seem petty but Garage Door Openers are a big deal when you're trying to move in/out of a home. Please let us know how many you can provide to the Buyers and ensure that all are in working order prior to Closing.
Exclusions *
IMPORTANT: Anything that takes a tool to remove is considered a 'fixture' and is assumed to stay with the property, UNLESS you list it here. So be sure to describe in detail any and all items which you do NOT want to transfer to the buyer here and we will add them to Exclusions. We always include the generic "Seller/Tenant's Personal Property" which excludes your personal items which are not physically attached to the home or property in any way.
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Sub-Surface Rights
If you have mineral rights or water rights that you own for your property, please indicate below and whether you are willing to convey them or not. Note: In most cases, if you do not know whether you own any water or mineral rights but would like to know if you do (or who may own them if not you) you would need to contact an attorney who specializes in the relevant rights.
HOA Information
One way that you can help us to be 'ahead of the game' is to help us gather all of the HOA documentation PRIOR to us going live. The HOA is required to allow you access to the Covenants, Financials, Meeting Minutes and any Addendums but they are not required to provide them to Realtors. We'd really appreciate your help with gathering those docs or getting us access.
HOA Name and Contact Info *
If your property has a Homeowner's Association (HOA) or Metro Association please list the name and any/all contact information here. Otherwise, please put N/A
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HOA Fees and Term
$200/month, $500/year, etc
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Dates and Deadlines
Preferred Closing Date(s)
Typically, financed offers require 35-45 days. Cash deals can close sooner. In an ideal world, when would you like to close? (Also 'To Be Determined' is a perfectly acceptable answer)
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Unavailable Dates
Upcoming travel or any times where you will be unavailable once your home is on the market and under contract.
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Possession Date/Time
When the Buyer can take possession of the property. Usually at "Delivery of Deed"/Closing unless the property is subject to a lease or other extenuating circumstances.
Existing Leases/Tenancies
If applicable, please describe start and end of lease, monthly rent, security deposits and if the tenants must or would prefer to remain after closing.
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Advertising Start Date
Including the home in emails to Realtors, sharing it with Buyers who it would match, etc.
MLS Start Date
When should the property go into the MLS? In most cases we need at least a 10 days prior to MLS input to have photos, floorplan and marketing completed properly. 2 weeks is ideal.
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Reason for Selling
When asked, what are you comfortable with us sharing for this common question as to why you're selling? IE - Growing Family, Empty Nester, Moving out of town, etc.
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Important Items of Note
Anything else we should know!
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Existing Monetary Encumbrances on the Property (Leins/Mortgages/Loans/etc)
PLEASE IGNORE if you've already provided this information to us
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Utility Information
Water Provider
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Average Monthly Cost - Water
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Electrical Provider
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Average Monthly Cost - Electrical
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Gas/Propane Provider
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Average Monthly Cost - Gas/Propane
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Trash Provider
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Average Monthly Cost - Trash
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Internet Provider
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