COVID-19 Pandemic Consultant/Service Provider Safety Plan
Williams' plan to ensure the health and safety of the College community requires all vendors, consultant, contractors, service providers, or other outside contracted entities engaged to perform work while physically on campus comply with the standards developed for construction, renovation, and maintenance activities.

Please read the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' COVID-19 directives in their entirety. The Commonwealth directives are found here:

Document your point-by-point plan for compliance using the form below. All contracted activity on campus is required to comply, and a form must be submitted for each project or activity. Once complete, submit the form and it will be reviewed and shared with the appropriate Williams staff member.
Email address *
Your Name *
Your Company Name *
Name of Project or Work Task *
Location of Work (Building/Floor/Room as Applicable) *
How many workers (maximum) will be present on campus? *
On what date do you anticipate beginning on-campus work? *
Briefly describe scope of work: *
How will you enforce the zero-tolerance for reporting to work while ill provision? *
Name of supervisor responsible for recording self-attestations of health for employees working on campus: *
How will you empower peers to report ill coworkers and handle such reports? *
What is your company protocol if a worker is discovered to be ill, and this worker was on campus working during the 2 weeks prior? *
The College will be hiring COVID-19 Officers to assist with enforcement of the Governor's protocols on construction sites. Please acknowledge that your company will cooperate fully with this COVID Officer toward full compliance with the Governor's updated mandates for construction workers. *
All workers on site must document self-attestations of health before beginning work. Please identify all items included in your self attestation process below. Note that for those working on construction activity, completed form to be submitted to WC COVID officer on a daily basis. *
Cell phone number of supervisor responsible for recording self-attestations of health: *
Are your employees willing to share their cell phone numbers, while on campus, with College COVID Officers? *
Please list names of individuals and cell phone numbers for workers expected to be on campus: *
The College has instituted a campus-wide COVID-19 Compliance Plan for all contracted work. Please acknowledge receipt of the plan and that your company will cooperate fully with this campus plan, which is based on the updated, mandated health and safety protocols set forth by the Commonwealth and the CDC. *
Please identify the Williams College staff member (i.e. project manager or administrator) responsible for overseeing this work. This person will receive this form and, if applicable, daily COVID Officer reports. *
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