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Company name + brand name. Specify in what form you want to get a logo.
What name should be in the logo?
What slogan should be in the logo?
What style do you see your logo in?
Corporate colours for your logo
Identify two or four company colors for your logo. Development of the corporate colors is included in the corporate identity development kit. This is the task of the designer. Your task is only to direct it in the right direction. You prefer warm or cold tones. Bright or more calm. If you have your own ideas of logo color solutions, you can specify them in the RGB, CMYK palette.
If you have your own ideas of color solutions of the logo you can upload them in the form of a picture.
Corporate font
If your logo will use text elements, if possible, specify the font style. The designer himself will choose the desired font or draw his own.
Describe the font or specify its name, if it is of fundamental importance for you.
If you have an example of a font in the form of a picture, download it.
Style examples
Provide links to sample logos of your competitors or other companies whose style you like.
Or attach examples of your competitors' logos or other companies whose style you like.
If you have ideas for a future logo, you can attach a sketch by hand.
Value of your company
List 5-10 unique values ​​that would reflect the activities of only your company, its usefulness to your client.
5-10 values ​​that reflect the quality of the product or service you offer.
Your target audience
Describe the psychological type of your customer.
Life preferences.
Price category of your product or service.
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