The Shreveport Commission on Race Application
The City of Shreveport is a majority-minority city (56.3% Black) with racial divisions that are typical of similar cities, and indeed of our country as a whole; however, Mayor Perkins strongly believes that our City can serve as a model for what a community can achieve when it sincerely and honestly decides to address the issues that divide us rather than unite us. The lack of will to address these issues in the past has held our City back and will continue to do so unless we confront them head on. The City is seeking applications from residents of Shreveport to serve on a new Shreveport Commission on Race to make specific proposals on uniting our community.

In an effort to achieve a diverse commission, we ask that you answer the following questions.

If you would like to be considered for membership, please complete and submit the following application by January 10, 2020.
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List up to 5 racial division issues that, in your opinion, need to be addressed. *
List up to 5 positive outcomes that might ideally come from a successful new commission. *
Please list any information (e.g., membership on other commissions or in organizations or groups, degrees or professional certifications) that demonstrates your interest and experience in matters relating to understanding and improving racial relations. *
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