McCauley Litter Blitz Participant Survey
The McCauley Litter Blitz is a volunteer-driven neighbourhood activity to address loose litter and build connectivity in McCauley. Volunteers contribute one hour to each event. When possible, events align with larger McCauley - or City of Edmonton “big bin” events.

Between May 2019 and September 2020, 120 volunteers participated in six Litter Blitzes and cleaned up 98 bags of litter.

Community members have been joined at Litter Blitzes by their MLA and City Councillor, and environmental and faith groups. Material and logistical support is provided by Capital City Clean Up, McCauley Apartments, e4c, Safer McCauley, McCauley Revitalization, Boyle Street Ventures, McCauley Community League, and REACH Edmonton. Information is shared online and in hard copy.

The following survey seeks to explore how we might take some of the learnings of past Litter Blitz events and compile them into a guidebook for other communities to reference and draw inspiration from. The following survey should take no longer than 15 minutes and all email addresses collected will be kept private and will only be used for community safety communications.
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What did participants need to bring to the event? What was supplied at the event? What supplies were missing? *
Which resources should organizers partner with for a successful litter blitz? (examples: city services, social agencies, schools, businesses, community groups, etc) *
How was the litter blitz promoted? How could it have been promoted differently to attract others? *
Did you meet any new community members? Who needs to be there in the future? *
Which places did the litter blitz focus on? Could we have done it somewhere else in the community? *
How were folks organized throughout the event? Were there any instructions that were not clear? *
How long did the litter blitz take? Was this enough time? Was time used wisely? *
Which activities were challenging for you? What was easy? *
What kind of an impact did this litter blitz have for the community? *
What advice would you give to a community trying to organize a litter blitz? *
Do you have any last comments you want to share about the Litter Blitz events in McCauley? (optional)
Survey Disclaimer
All survey information will be kept private and confidential. Survey responses will be summarized and shared with you. Survey participants and their responses will be kept anonymous. Email addresses collected will be kept private and will only be used for community safety communications. If you have any questions about the survey please contact Mark Davis at
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