Please complete and submit this form if your child will be attending JGSC in the 2019-2020 school year.
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Please list the names of any children you would like to enroll in JGSC as a transfer student.
If you're applying for more than four students, please submit an additional form.
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If any of the information provided on this form is found not to be accurate, acceptance of this application may be voided at the option of the John Glenn School Corporation. The requested information is used only to support the application process. All information will remain confidential.
You will be required to reapply for consideration to attend the JGSC, which is not guaranteed, prior to the start of each school year. This
approval is only for the current year.
S1- Pursuant to State law, a student's application to transfer to the Corporation may be denied if the student has been suspended for ten (10) or more school days, or suspended or expelled for possession of a firearm, deadly weapon, or a destructive device, causing physical injury to a person, or a violation of the Corporation's drug or alcohol rules during the twelve (12) months preceding the student's request to transfer. Do any of these situations apply to your student?
S1- If you answered Yes above, please explain
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Thank you for applying to JGSC. Your application will be reviewed and you may be contacted to set up a meeting with the principal.
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