Wyandotte (MS) Parent Survey 19-20
Parents, the Wyandotte Public School System would like your opinion. Please take the time to complete the survey. This will remain anonymous and will be used for school improvement. Thank you!
This school is a good place for my child to learn. *
My child is challenged by his or her school work this year. *
I think this school is a friendly place. *
Students at this school show respect for each other. *
I feel my child is safe at this school. *
My child is motivated to do their best. *
As a parent, I feel welcome at this school. *
I can easily talk with my child's teacher. *
I feel comfortable talking with the principal. *
I know the behavioral expectations for my child. *
My child is treated fairly. *
The teacher keeps me informed, in a timely manner, about the academic and behavioral progress of my child. *
Teachers at this school have high expectations for my child. *
My student has access to individual academic or behavioral support. *
Teachers use Reading and Math strategies that meet the needs of my child. *
The transition from 5th grade to Middle School helped my child to be successful.
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My child gets along well with other students in this school. *
The teachers at this school are excited about their work. *
The teachers give me strategies in Reading and Math so I can help my child. *
The Online Gradebook Management System helps me monitor my child's progress.
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The School Messenger (automated phone system) is a good communication tool.
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As a parent I keep my contact information at the school current. *
My child is in the following grade. *
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