Commercial Solar Market Survey
Montgomery County, Maryland is interested in increasing adoption of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems on privately owned commercial property to decarbonize electricity, increase resiliency, and reduce energy costs. We are seeking input from solar installers, recent and potential adopters, and other stakeholders to understand how to best encourage future solar PV adoption.

In 2017, the Montgomery County Council adopted the Emergency Climate Mobilization
Resolution, which called for an 80% reduction in County greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by
2027 and 100% elimination of GHG emissions by 2035. In response to the Resolution, the County drafted the Montgomery County Climate Action Plan, the final of which will be released in spring 2021.

Electricity consumption accounts for approximately 30% of County-wide GHG emissions. To meet the County’s zero emissions goal, decarbonizing the electricity supply is a top priority. The primary barriers that limit the installation of solar PV systems may include (1) the lack of awareness of the benefits of solar, (2) confusion over how to find a qualified installer (3) concerns over the long term performance of the panels and/or the host roof, (4) paying for the system itself, (5) contract terms, and (6) confusion over how property value is affected/not affected and transferability of the contract.

While solar project economics appear to be favorable, barriers still exist to widespread adoption. As such, the County seeks information on how to best incentivize commercial installations and assist in overcoming various hurdles that prevent adoption currently. We're hoping you'll partner with us to help us better understand your hurdles, and how to help you install solar. Information shared here will be kept anonymous and only used to inform future County efforts to accelerate or promote solar installations.

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Instructions and Disclaimers This is a Market Survey only, and does not constitute a commitment, implied or otherwise, that Montgomery County will take procurement action in this matter. Montgomery County will not be responsible for any cost incurred in furnishing the information requested. The survey is intended to inform the County’s exploration of various approaches to accelerating, promoting, and/or incentivizing solar PV adoption and ensure all aspects of creating and operating such a program are considered. Montgomery County is seeking information and input from individuals and groups with experience regarding solar installation, solar financing, or solar marketing and outreach, specifically with respect to the questions shown below. Respondents are requested to limit their responses to each numbered question. It is not necessary to respond to all questions. Please complete this survey by June 30, 2021. We may invite respondents to a listening session(s) to learn more after responses are collected. *
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The first section is demographic information and will only be used as part of this market survey process, such as inviting respondents for further conversation. The remaining will be broken into sections depending on your market segment.
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