Fall 2020 BSM Online Course Application (non-credit)
Greetings. This is the BSM application to participate in the fall 2020 online course/distance learning program. This is an opportunity to participate in one online course. You will receive a gradesheet from BSM upon completion, non-credit. Once you have completed the fields below "click" submit.

There are 4 required components to be eligible:
1: Complete this application
2: BSM will request 1 letter of reference to be emailed to BSM at budapestsemesters@gmail.com
3. An unofficial transcript just be mailed to budapestsemesters@gmail.com.
4. Successful completion of a BSM research solution found here: HU webpage link
Deadline for all completed apps and decisions will be August 15, 2020 and decisions will be emailed to all students after review.

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By applying to the program, in case of acceptance, you consent to classes being recorded on Zoom. The recordings are for educational purposes of the particular research group you will be participating in and they should not be distributed outside of BSM. All recordings will be erased by August 10th, unless requested otherwise by the research group. *
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