48th Annual Northwest Folklife Festival Survey
We want to know about our community! Creating a community that reflects the diversity of Seattle is a priority for Northwest Folklife. In addition, we are occasionally required to report on the demographics of participants in our programs, in aggregate, anonymously. Providing the following information and feedback supports our appeals to funders and sponsors so that we can continue to provide excellent, accessible and inclusive programming.

Thank you so much for your time and engagement!

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If you came to the 2019 Festival for a specific performance or activity, please let us know what that was:
Please let us know if you came for...a particular performer/group, a workshop, a genre or regional style, street performance/busker, the marketplace or a vendor, etc.
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Which days have you or do you plan to attend the 2019 Festival
Have you made a donation in support of the Folklife Festival?
We remain committed to being accessible to all, without a ticket or gate. Every donation is meaningful, no matter the size, and helps us to continue to amplify the amazing diversity of cultural arts, heritage and evolving traditions of our Pacific Northwest communities. Thank you for your support!
Please briefly let us know why or why you may not have made a donation:
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How often do you donate to non-profit or community organizations?
How often do you volunteer with non-profit or community organizations?
How many non-profit or community organizations do you support annually?
This can be with fiscal or in-kind donations or through volunteerism.
How did you get to Seattle Center this weekend?
On a monthly basis, how often do you use these forms of transportation?
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How many other adults are you here with today?
How many children (up to 8 years old) are you here with today?
How many youth (9-13 years old) are you here with today?
How many young adults (14-19 years old) are you here with today?
Which mediums do you use the most?
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Approximately how many hours per week do you listen to radio?
How often do you attend:
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Almost every week
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Arts & cultural performances/events
Children/youth/family geared events
Community events/festivals - open to the public (Festal, Pride, neighborhood events)
Events/festivals which are ticketed
What causes or social interests are you passionate about?
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What are your hobbies and interests?
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What types of entertainment do you like?
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What types of outdoor recreation do you like?
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How likely are you to support a business or organization that sponsors a Northwest Folklife program/event?
Not likely
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How likely are you to explore, support or engage with one of our community partners/performers after a Northwest Folklife program/event?
The performers and activity (community) partners work with Northwest Folklife throughout the year to make great programs and events happen!
Not likely
Extremely likely
What was your favorite part about the 2019 Festival?
Folklife is...past, present and future!
If you have a favorite Northwest Folklife Festival memory, from this year or any year, please let us know here. In 2021 Northwest Folklife will celebrate 50 years of creating opportunities for all to celebrate, share, and participate in the evolving cultural traditions of the Pacific Northwest. We are always happy to hear about the moments that make this such a unique and special part of the community!
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What is your hope for the future of Northwest Folklife?
As we develop or vision and plans for the future, how do you see Northwest Folklife serving our communities?
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Do you have any comments or questions about the Northwest Folklife Festival or Northwest Folklife as an organization?
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Optional: Email or phone
Please leave your contact info to find out about more opportunities to explore arts & culture and connect with community thru Northwest Folklife programs and events. Also, all survey respondents who leave an email or phone number will be entered in a drawing to win a Northwest Folklifeswag!
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