City Championship 2019 Judge Strikes
Judge strikes are COMPLETELY OPTIONAL and are meant to give you a strategic edge by preventing a few less favorable judges from judging your debaters at the tournament.

"Striking" a judge means the tab staff will do everything possible to avoid placing that judge in a round with your team. You can strike a judge for any reason; the judges themselves are not made aware of which teams have struck them. If you don't know a particular judge, the compiled judge philosophies can help you make decisions:

The deadline to strike judges is FRIDAY, 3/29 at 12pm. If we get additional judges added between now and then, we will update the judge list and advise teams that have already submitted their strike sheet that they may revise their strikes up until the deadline.

Teams are allowed to strike up to three judges in each pool; if you strike too many judges we'll take the first three alphabetically.

Strikes may not be honored if an assigned judge is late picking up their ballot and it has to be pushed to keep the tournament on time. Similarly, judges may judge out of the division they'd be expected to judge in if we have to push a ballot or if the size of our respective divisions requires us to move judges to another division.
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