Code of Conduct Committee Interest Form
Lakes of Fire is creating a Code of Conduct Committee, consisting of the community at large, to accept and review Code of Conduct (CoC) complaints and recommend enforcement actions, if any, to take against any violators.

We believe it is in our organization’s best interest to let our participants know we take CoC violations seriously, including having an accessible, safe, and publicly known process for reporting and handling complaints.

The Conduct Committee will be guided by Lakes of Fire's Code of Conduct ( ), which has been established by the GLEA board. The Conduct Committee’s role is to investigate complaints, and then make enforcement recommendations to the Board.

In order to create a safe and inclusive environment for Lakes of Fire attendees, it is important to create a transparent and accessible authority to impartially review alleged Code of Conduction violations. Currently, the Board handles these complaints, and the public is referred to the Board to report violations. We need to ensure our participants are willing to report CoC complaints, without fear of retribution or bias and with confidentiality. Having a focused anonymous Committee to handle these complaints creates community involvement, relieves any intimidation or embarrassment for potential victims, and allows the organization to continue to provide a safe space for participants.

If you are interested in being a part of this anonymous 5-person panel, please answer the questions below and the Board will get back with you on it as soon as possible:

* Term: Conduct Committee members have staggered 1-3 year terms, with potentially some flexibility to ensure continuity.
* All Committee Members will be under a signed confidentiality agreement in order to ensure protections for any information and all persons involved
* Conduct Committees member will also be expected to recuse themselves from all incidents where there is a conflict of interest or significant relationship with anyone associated with a complaint, either with respect to the victim or the accused.
* This is a volunteer position which would accrue volunteer hours as event staff.

Primary duties and responsibilities of the Conduct Committee include:
* Respect for victim and confidentiality
* Event and Participant Safety
* Communication and community outreach
* Document each incident report
* Perform investigations, including victim statement and interviews of involved parties and witnesses
* Determine whether a report is actionable
* Provide report to the Board of factual investigation and conclusions, and dissents if applicable
* Recommend action(s) to the Board (with explanations), which may also include dissents

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