2019 Organizing Summit - Application to Attend
The Organizing Summit will be hosted by the Seattle GMB June 29th-30th.

The purpose of the Organizing Summit is to bring together IWW campaign members and organizers to do the following:

- Share and reflect on past and current organizing: successes/failures, lessons learned, and how this moves the union toward achieving its goals

- Create tools (reports, campaign plans, strategy documents, etc.) to disseminate in the union to help members in their organizing

- Teach and support each other to be better organizers and how to think strategically.

The Summit is not a public event, but requires registration for attendance.

Priority will be given to members who are currently involved in a campaign or have been involved in a recent major campaign. Participants are encouraged to report back to the campaign that sent them.

All sessions are considered necessary, and full participation is expected.

Applications are due by April 15.

Applicants will be informed of their status by April 30. Registration will be capped at 30 attendees.

Applicants who have been admitted will receive an email confirmation and be asked to fill out an additional registration form about dietary needs, accessibility, travel coordination, and housing. Please note that the summit will not be able to cover participants' travel costs, but may be able to provide billeting. For travel costs, please talk to your local branch, and/or apply for Sato funds (if applicable).

We look forward to a highly productive Organizing Summit in 2019!

If you would prefer to send the answers to these questions via a format besides Google Drive, please send us an email with typed responses to IWWOS2019@protonmail.com.

Please send any additional comments or questions to IWWOS2019@protonmail.com.

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