Central Carolina Worker's Center Survey
A coalition of community and labor organizations is working together to open a Worker Center in Greensboro, NC where workers of all kinds can come together to advocate and organize for economic and racial justice. Led by workers, together we will be able to take strategic action to campaign for workplace, public policy and societal change. Results of this survey of workers in our community will help workers come together and make decisions about the work of the Worker Center.
What type of work do you currently do Or what type of work have you done previously? *
What is your current employment status?
(Retail, Textiles, Fast food, etc.)
What city and state do you live in?
If you are not from the U.S., where are you from and what language do you prefer?
What are the most important issues for YOU as a worker to address in our community? Take a look at the list below and add any that are missing. *
Check the boxes by the issues that are Most important to YOU.
What are the biggest things in the way for you to get the kind of work you want?
Please rank your most important issues with #1 being the biggest challenge.
1 (Most Important)
5 (Least Important)
I don't have affordable child care (or way to get childcare)
Transportation to/from work
I don't have a work visa or social security card (for immigrants)
Criminal Record
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If you answered "Other" please describe below:
How do you think workers could build power to make the changes we need in our community? What are your ideas for a Worker Center?
Some ideas from other workers include: flexible hours at Center for workers on 1st, 2nd, 3rd shift // a job fair or hiring hall // know your rights on the job trainings // ways to meet and connect with other workers around economic justice // a childcare co-op // legal or other support for problems at work like an injury or wage theft. Add your own ideas below!
Would you like to volunteer to help out at the Workers’ Center or be on the planning committee?
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If you circled "yes" or "need more information", please share your name and contact information below.
Name and Phone Number and best time to reach you
Anything else to share? / Other Comments?
How or from what organization did you receive this survey?
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